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The Hobbit Radagast The Brown Mini Statue

The Hobbit Radagast The Brown Mini Statue

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The Hobbit Radagast The Brown Mini Statue

  • High-quality polystone statue, approximately 7-inches tall!
  • Depicts Radagast in his classic wizard attire!
  • Includes Radagast's forest companion, Sebastian!
  • Digitally sculpted by Bawal Saggi!

    The Hobbit Radagast The Brown Mini Statue features Radagast in his classic wizard attire and his forest companion, Sebastian! Perfectly sized for easy display, and ideal for any desktop or bookshelf, this statue measures approximately 4 1/4-inches long x 4 1/4-inches wide x 6 3/4-inches tall.

    To those who might not peer more closely, Radagast the Brown is a gentle hermit, soft in character and mind, often fumbling or fretful, with tattered robes and mismatched footwear, his raiment home to a bewildering menagerie of miniature beasts and fungi. This façade is an illusion so complete even the Wizard himself is sometimes fooled, but in truth great power resides within him, as it does in each of the five Istari, and he is ever watchful for the return of the enemy against whom he was sent from the West centuries ago.

  • UPC:  9420024741252
    Package Weight (pounds):  1.05
    Package Length (inches):  9
    Package Width (inches):  6
    Package Height (inches):  4
    Package Cubic Feet:  0.12
    Package Dimensional Weight:  1.55
    Carton Weight (pounds):  15.45
    Carton Length (inches):  20.5
    Carton Width (inches):  15
    Carton Height (inches):  14
    Carton Cubic Feet:  2.43
    Carton Dimensional Weight:  30.22
    Country of Origin:  China
    Age:  14+
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