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Anime Heroes Naruto: Shippuden Gaara 6 1/2-Inch Action Figure

Anime Heroes Naruto: Shippuden Gaara 6 1/2-Inch Action Figure

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Naruto: Shippuden Anime Heroes Gaara Action Figure

Fire up your Naruto fandom! Naruto fans can now imagine the biggest battles and missions with the Anime Heroes 6 1/2-inch tall Gaara action figure that has over 16 points of articulation. Bandai's Anime Heroes have amazing features and decoration that incorporates the quality and realism anime fans love.

Gaara grew up hating the world, giving his life meaning by killing anyone he came across. After being defeated by Naruto Uzumaki, a person like himself who found strength in his friendships, Gaara starts to become more like him. Gaara is the jinchuriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku and current Kazekage of the Sand Village.

UPC:  045557369064
Package Weight (pounds):  0.4
Package Length (inches):  10
Package Width (inches):  8
Package Height (inches):  8
Package Cubic Feet:  0.37
Package Dimensional Weight:  4.6
Carton Weight (pounds):  2.8
Carton Length (inches):  18
Carton Width (inches):  7
Carton Height (inches):  7
Carton Cubic Feet:  0.51
Carton Dimensional Weight:  6.35
Country of Origin:  China
Age:  4+
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