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Frame Arms Type-Hector Joyuse 1:100 Scale Model Kit

Frame Arms Type-Hector Joyuse 1:100 Scale Model Kit

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Frame Arms Type-Hector Joyuse 1:100 Scale Model Kit

A color variation of the Type-Hector Durandal model designed by Kou Inaba is joining the Frame Arms lineup!

The new color scheme was selected by Kou Inaba himself, and this model kit comes with extra armor and clear parts not included in the original version. This model uses a dark gray color scheme. This multi-colored kit allows users to build a realistic model with no painting required. The head sensor is made of clear plastic. The kit also includes a colorless clear part that can be customized with model paint.

The sword, which is the longest in the Frame Arms series, can be removed from the base. The kit also includes a colorless clear blade part for the sword. The kit includes 2x sets of launcher/swords and shields that can be attached to the arms from the shoulder and can be adjusted flexibly. The launcher's grip uses a sliding feature that enables it to be held in the model's hands. The model is equipped with 3mm joints on various parts, allowing for a wide range of customizations. The hand parts use swing joints and "FA Hand 2" with gun-holding hand parts are included. The model uses Frame Architect Renewal Ver. for the base frame. The Frame Architect is made of PS plastic and not pre-assembled in this model kit. AGES 15 AND UP

UPC:  190526039964
Package Weight (pounds):  2.05
Package Length (inches):  16
Package Width (inches):  13
Package Height (inches):  4
Package Cubic Feet:  0.48
Package Dimensional Weight:  5.99
Carton Weight (pounds):  15.55
Carton Length (inches):  25
Carton Width (inches):  17
Carton Height (inches):  14.25
Carton Cubic Feet:  3.44
Carton Dimensional Weight:  42.81
Country of Origin:  China
Age:  15+
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