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Robo Force Maxx 89 and Wrecker 7 1/2-Inch Wave 1 Action Figure Case

Robo Force Maxx 89 and Wrecker 7 1/2-Inch Wave 1 Action Figure Case

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Robo Force Maxx 89 and Wrecker Wave 1 Action Figure Case

Robo Force returns re-imagined!

Part of the "VERY Important Toy" line from The Nacelle Company, Maxx 89 and Wrecker are deluxe, articulated, 7 1/2-inch tall action figures, packaged in its own Graphene-inspired collector-friendly window-box and are sure to turn your childhood memories of Robo Force into all-new, out of this world adventures! As an added bonus, Wrecker comes with a flower bouquet accessory.

Maxx 89 was destined to be the latest and greatest in law enforcement (he was literally built to do it), but on the day before his first patrol, the UTOPIA101 line was revealed to the o9ii9 world. Maxx 89 was quietly reassigned to the traffic beat. Despite his best efforts to conform, Maxx 89's passion for crime fighting, along with a growing distrust of UTOPIA101, lead Maxx down a path into other, unauthorized, lines of police work. This would create problems. A LOT of problems.

Wrecker was built to be the jack-of-all-trades for the ROBO FORCE line; he has a tool for every occasion. Sadly, due to the rise of the UTOPIA101 line, those occasions never occurred. Reassigned to use his staggering strength and empathy chip to do the most mundane jobs in the basement of Police Rhombus HQ, Wrecker eventually teams up with Maxx Steele to help protect the innocent, and keep an eye on the increasingly erratic UTOPIA line — as well as Hun-Dred and his minions.
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The Robo Force Maxx 89 and Wrecker 7 1/2-inch Wave 1 Action Figure Case includes:
- Maxx 89
- Wrecker
(subject to change)

Prototype images shown. Final product may vary.

Package Weight (pounds):  13.65
Package Length (inches):  20
Package Width (inches):  13
Package Height (inches):  10
Package Cubic Feet:  1.5
Package Dimensional Weight:  18.71
Carton Weight (pounds):  13.65
Carton Length (inches):  20
Carton Width (inches):  13
Carton Height (inches):  10
Carton Cubic Feet:  1.5
Carton Dimensional Weight:  18.71
Country of Origin:  United States
Age:  14+
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