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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka Pop! Vinyl Figure #268

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka Pop! Vinyl Figure #268

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka Pop! Vinyl Figure #268

  • The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #268 is 3 ¾ inches
  • Ahsoka Tano Pop comes in packages window display box

Ahsoka Tano is a Togruta female former Jedi Padawan who, after her involvement in the Clone Wars, helped establish a network of rebel cells against the Galactic Empire. Tano was discovered on her home world of Shili by Jedi Master Plo Koon, who then brought her to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to receive Jedi training. After the outbreak that resulted in the Clone Wars, Jedi Grand Master Yoda assigned Ahsoka Tano to be the Padawan of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who then nicknamed her "Snips" when she joined him at the Battle of Christophsis. Although Tano was eager to prove herself, Skywalker had a reputation for recklessness, and they had a rather difficult start as apprentice and master. Yet they worked together to rescue Rotta, the son of crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure, and returned the child to his father, thus facilitating an essential alliance between the Hutt Clan and the Galactic Republic.

As commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, Tano now found a mentor with Clone Captain Rex of the 501st Legion, with whom she and Skywalker collaborated to help lead frontline campaigns against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In Tano’s first command position at the Battle of Ryloth, she disobeyed orders and subsequently lost her entire squadron of pilots, but she was able to rebound and help secure a victory at Ryloth. Tano’s assignments pitted her against a variety of opponents, everything from General Grievous to Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress, even to bounty hunters such as Cad Bane and Aurra Sing. Over time, she became a respected leader, contributing to key Republic victories such as the Second Battle of Geonosis and even the Battle of Mon Cala. Ahsoka Tano actually died during a series of events on Mortis, but the Daughter, a Force wielder who personified the light side, sacrificed herself to bring Tano back to life.

Help stop the Separatists! This Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #268 measures approximately 3 3/4-inches tall. This amazing Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure comes packaged in a window display box. So don’t wait! Order your own Ahsoka Tano Pop! for your collection today!

UPC:  889698329569
Package Weight (pounds):  0.35
Package Length (inches):  5
Package Width (inches):  4
Package Height (inches):  7
Package Cubic Feet:  0.08
Package Dimensional Weight:  1.01
Carton Weight (pounds):  17.2
Carton Length (inches):  15
Carton Width (inches):  12
Carton Height (inches):  30
Carton Cubic Feet:  3.12
Carton Dimensional Weight:  38.85
Country of Origin:  Vietnam
Age:  3+
Gender:  Unisex
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