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ThunderCats Ultimates Captain Hammerhead 7-Inch Action Figure

ThunderCats Ultimates Captain Hammerhead 7-Inch Action Figure

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ThunderCats Ultimates Captain Hammerhead Action Figure

Hammerhand is an evil half-human, half-robot pirate who has a huge cybernetic arm and eats unicorns! Does it get any more metal than that? This 7-inch scale fully articulated ThunderCats ULTIMATES! figure of Hammerhand features interchangeable heads and hands and multiple accessories, including his Net Gun! One look at the made-to-order ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Hammerhand figure shows why when leading his Berserkers, Hammerhand fears no opponent! Ages 14 & up.

Accessories include:
  • 2x interchangeable heads
  • 4x interchangeable hands
  • 2x interchangeable robotic hands
  • 1x Net gun
  • 2x Pouches

UPC:  840049813465
Package Weight (pounds):  1.5
Package Length (inches):  90
Package Width (inches):  8
Package Height (inches):  3
Package Cubic Feet:  1.25
Package Dimensional Weight:  15.54
Carton Weight (pounds):  11
Carton Length (inches):  17
Carton Width (inches):  14
Carton Height (inches):  11
Carton Cubic Feet:  1.52
Carton Dimensional Weight:  18.83
Country of Origin:  China
Age:  14+
Gender:  Male
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