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Voltron Voltron 5Pro Studio CARBOTIX Series Action Figure

Voltron Voltron 5Pro Studio CARBOTIX Series Action Figure

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Voltron Voltron 5Pro Studio CARBOTIX Series Action Figure

  • Check out this 15-inch tall Voltron action figure!
  • Highly poseable while maintaining accurate proportions.
  • Includes light-up eyes, 19 weapons, 5 pilot figures, 2 faces, and more!
  • Display the 5 lions separately or combined.
  • Enjoy the satisfying feel of holding a heavy robot!
Introducing the Voltron CARBOTIX series. In order to perfectly reproduce the Voltron that appears in the anime, Blitzway carefully analyzed the five lions. Free-moving joints reproduce the dynamic poses in the animation while maintaining perfect proportions in their lion states and when combined to form Voltron. Various materials are used to provide a little fun during the assembly process, and any unnecessary structures have been removed. Alloy parts are used in the right places to give the satisfying feel of holding a heavy robot. Each lion's eyes have an LED light to create an animated robot appearance, and the cover that hides unnecessary parts when the robots are combined achieves the appearance of Voltron with a high degree of perfection. Made of die-cast, PVC, ABS, and POM, Voltron stands about 15-inches tall. And check out the features and accessories listed below!

The included action base uses a support shaped as a trajectory of light so you can display each lion as if it were floating in the air! This support can also be used to mount weapons when combined into the form of Voltron.

Features - Accessories:
19x Voltron weapons
Cover functions of Lions' legs (Voltron Mode)
LED functions in Lions' eyes
5x figurines of standing Voltron's pilots
Details of pilots seated in the cockpits
Designed joints for reproducing various movements from the anime
1x Replaceable roaring face
1x Display base with a weapon storage function

UPC:  8809321479531
Package Weight (pounds):  14.35
Package Length (inches):  23
Package Width (inches):  18
Package Height (inches):  11
Package Cubic Feet:  2.64
Package Dimensional Weight:  32.76
Carton Weight (pounds):  14.35
Carton Length (inches):  23
Carton Width (inches):  18
Carton Height (inches):  11.5
Carton Cubic Feet:  2.88
Carton Dimensional Weight:  35.74
Country of Origin:  China
Age:  15+
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